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Service Contracts:

$600.00 month to month covering 10 hour minimum per month. Additional hours beyond are at a billable rate of $50.00 per hour.

Repairs and Computer Replacements:

Repairs and replacing existing computers with new computers would be at the hourly rate of $85.00 per hour with a 1 hour minimum billed in half hours after the minimum is reached, plus service call fee of $70.00.

Remote Diagnosis:

We will have you download a small program from our website to enable us to access your computer. You will simply double click on the desktop icon and click connect, no username or password required. You will then be connected to our remote server allowing us to take control of your computer to remove viruses, adware, spyware etc. This will also include cleaning up the hard drive, removing old unneeded files, old cache files, cleaning up your registry and starting a hard drive optimization program just prior to disconnecting from your computer. The fee for this service is$25.00 for the 1st hour and $20.00 per hour there after. You will need to contact us to make arrangements for this service so we can arrange the time necessary to complete the tasks.


Training would consist of sitting with the individual teaching them how to use their computer more efficiently, by actually doing it rather than just watching and listening. Pricing on this is $85.00 per hour. Telephone support can be worked out after the initial training either on a per call basis or a monthly basis. Pricing will be worked out at a later date for this support. Office staff training would consist of either individual or group training covering whatever aspects of software usage you would need. Individual training would be at $85.00 per hour. Group training would need to be discussed as to needs to determine the amount of time necessary for proper training.

Internet Consultation:

Consultation for Web site design is $85.00 per hour. The Internet as a whole is a very spacious place. Careful detailed thought must be placed into what you want to tell the world and the information you want to provide to your customers and brokers. You must have this detailed knowledge prior to thinking about design or presentation. Once you have all the information compiled in the format you wish to display it then we would bring in the artists and designers to present your information in a manner befitting your corporate image.

Network Consultation:

Consultation for network design, detailed diagram of network structure, suggestions on what may or should be or will need to be upgraded, replaced or repaired will be done at $85.00 per hour. We will come in and examine your network architecture, compile the data necessary, analyze the information and provide you with a written summarization of your network along with any suggestions that may arise from the analysis.

Website Hosting:

We have partnered with a web hosting company to be able to provide reliable hosting services to you at very competitive prices. You will have full cPanel control, php, mysql databases, crone, e-mail, hundreds of pre made scripts, built in website design, templets etc. Please check out our available hosting packages here.


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