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We offer Service Contract, we will come in once a month to clean and "tune up" your computers. Cleaning them inside and out, tuning up the operating systems for peak performance. We will check all the cards ensuring proper seating, check all connections at the back of the computer as well as the network connection making sure everything is fine. This service alone can and will save you thousands of dollars in unnecessary replacement costs alone from worn out parts from lack of proper care.

Do you need to update your Corporate Web Site? We have partnered with Christine Paulsen, a premiere web designer. We will consult with you on your Internet needs and desires, discuss available technologies and how they can benefit you, then set up a meeting with Christine to establish your KILLER web site.

Do you need a host for your website? Is your current host to expensive? Are they providing you the support you need? We have partnered with a hosting company with 2 large data centers, one in the United States in Fullerton, CA and the other across the "pond" in England. Please check out our hosting packages here. We have very competitive pricing, php, mysql, dozens of premade scripts, 24x7 support, full daily backups and tons more features.

Are your computers old and slow, or low on memory and no hard drive space left? Here you have many choices from which to choose. We can custom build you new computers using the latest technology, we could upgrade your existing systems with larger hard drives and or more memory, or we can direct you to a good reliable source to purchase name brand computers. Either way you will benefit from our extensive hardware knowledge and experience.

We can fix your computer remotely. You can download a small remote application from our website so you will completely control when access to your computer is granted. You will be connecting directly to our remote server allowing us to remove viruses, clean up your hard drive, speed up your computer, remove spyware and make your computer run better. You can even sit and watch exactly what is going on. Once the connection is closed, there is no way to access the computer again until requested by you. We started using this program to eliminate the need to change firewall settings or anything else on your side, it's all configured and done on ours saving you time and trouble.

We can also offer training to office staff and salesmen alike. We have years of experience with most Microsoft® office products, Corel® Office suite, publishing programs, graphics programs, Internet programs, 3270 emulation programs for back office access including Rumba DSP. We can help you create templates in Word or Excel, creating and changing your own web sites, creating your own graphics, using the Internet to the companies best advantage, using e-mail properly with attachments, and much much more.

Would you like to be able to generate cross platform forms for you office, customers and sales force to use? We have very extensive working experience with Adobe Acrobat© creating forms in their portable format which can be used by ANY computer with their free reader program. The forms can be made so they can be filled out on the computer, printed, signed and mailed quickly, no more filling them out by hand. We have created hundreds of these forms for use on the Internet.


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