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Utilities to clean up your hard drive


C Cleaner is a small program developed to clean up temp files that do not get deleted after new program installs or uninstalls, Windows update log files that are not necessary, cookies, temp Internet files etc. It also has a built in Registry clean up. I highly recommend this program.
My Defrag
My Defrag is an excellent program to optimize your hard drive. It works much much better than the built in Windows defrag program.
Adaware and Spybot are excellent programs to remove spyware, but as with anything else, those two alone can not do it all. Malwarebytes has the ability to find and remove some spyware and malware programs that the other two can not. I highly recommend this program.
Anti Virus
AVG anti virus is the product of choice. It has proven itself over and over again to me and my clients. There have been times when using either Symantec or McAfee where viruses were not stopped. Installing AVG on an infected computer I was able to find and remove the virus with no problem. For excellent basic protection the free version is more than enough. Most people do not need any more than that. AVG provides daily updates rather than weekly or "special" updates therefore you have much better protection. If you are interested in more protection and would like to get the full version, please contact us, we are an authorized reseller of AVG and can provide you better pricing.



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